We are very proud of our testimonials, which have been given freely and honestly by our clients. More importantly, we are delighted at the lifestyle changes & access to superb health professionals & products that have enabled our clients to look and feel better.

“Margaret has the most amazing knowledge combined with warmth of understanding that is rare. She is a joy to work with and I have no hesitation in recommending anyone to work with her or to follow her advice.”
Carole Batchelor – Healthy Results

“I recently had the pleasure of an introduction to Margaret.  Her friendly open and enthusiastic manner immediately allowed me to feel comfortable to discuss my situation.  Margaret was supportive and encouraging giving me advice about a variety of changes that would support my health and wellbeing.  Thank you”
Lynn Campbell

“Meeting Margaret has been a life changing experience for me. I never thought I’d be able to do half  the things I have but her positive attitude combined with her support and encouragement have given me a belief in myself I thought was lost.
I always feel so motivated and energised after our meetings.
I have truly got my, “Mojo,” back and am now looking forward to my new healthier happier life thanks to her”.
David Greenwood – Bedford

“Margaret and I have shared business ideas and our business paths cross on a regular basis; she has also been kind enough to recommend my services to people she has met through her business.
She is one of only a handful of people who I could truly say really does honour her word to the letter; if Margaret says she’ll do something, she does it. She is one of the most trustworthy and totally honest and decent people I have ever met.
A client of Margaret’s would be in very safe hands.”
Sue Wilson – Bedford Hypnotherapy Clinic

“Whilst it’s very rare to come across someone so passionate about their products, but this is certainly the case with DeMontfort Healthy Living. The well-being of her clients is her first concern and the world could do with a few more people as caring and trustworthy as Margaret.”
Richard Gilbert – Business Development Manager at Investors in People East of England

Superb advice from Margaret!  I had made no progress through my GP in trying to deal with a recurring stomach complaint. I mentioned this to Margaret at a business event, she patiently asked me what I had tried, what diet I followed, and what was happening in my life. She then recommended I visit a local health food shop and speak with her contact there.
Unfortunately, this was right next door to a great chip shop, but I resisted that and have been taking a Pro Biotic recommended by them. This has made a huge improvement, and Margaret still takes time to recommend other food products and lifestyle improvements.
Outstanding service… you should call her today.
Chris Hardy – Signs Express Bedford

“My non-aluminium deodorant stick – it’s simply fab, great value for money and I love it”.
Carol H. Scott – Carol H Scott HR Consulting

“Last November I was due to make my solo singing debut at the Bedford Choral Society’s performance of Karl Jenkins’ “The Armed Man”. The week before the concert I was struck down with a terrible sore throat and was very worried about my voice being OK. I saw Margaret before the concert and she suggested I gargle some of the Aloe Gelly and rub some heat lotion on my upper chest.
Within a very short time of our meeting I was following her advice and the soreness and inflammation rapidly reduced. On the Sunday after the concert our conductor wrote to me thanking me for my “outstanding contribution to the performance”. I couldn’t have done it without Margaret and her speedy response to my need.”
Paul North – Brite Consulting

“I have used two of products, and each time Margaret at DeMontfort Healthy Living has provided both expert knowledge and a speedy delivery. These products are far superior to ‘name brands’ and they lasts a lot longer too.”
John Guinn – Holiday Hut

“Whilst setting up for a meeting, my back went into spasm. Fortunately for me Margaret (DeMontfort Healthy Living) was attending. Margaret was able to recommend a back specialist at my local gym who helped me with some simple exercises and sound advice. Within a day I was barely even aware of the strain. Last time this happened it took 3 days to be even bearable.

The thing that struck me the most was that Margaret’s main concern was getting my back sorted in the most appropriate way for me, not selling me products or services that weren’t suitable just to make a sale. I would highly recommend anyone with a health concern to speak to DeMontfort Healthy Living.”
Ryan Tobias – Business for Breakfast


‘I’m now drinking much more water, still only up to 4 glasses a day but getting there.  This along with healthier eating, walking and actively making sure I stay de-stresses means my blood pressure reading yesterday was 135/86!  This was compared to 165/102 four days ago.  I’m astonished!  So thank you so much for giving me the motivation and the resources to start to manage this myself.  Definitely want to take this further.  Thanks again’